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What are the Credit Counseling Requirements of Personal Bankruptcy?

August 14, 2014 by  
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If you fell you feel like you are financially under water, you may be considering filing for personal bankruptcy. Personal bankruptcy works to discharge the debts of individuals so they may start fresh. However, there are many steps involved in filing for bankruptcy, many of which must be followed completely and accurately in order to have your bankruptcy granted. An experienced Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer can guide you through the process to make sure all criteria are met.

Proof of Credit Counseling Course

credit counselingOne of the requirements you must meet as you prepare to file for personal bankruptcy is that you show proof that you consulted with a credit counseling agency. This counseling is intended to go over your financial situation to see if bankruptcy is necessary or if there may be other debt relief solutions that can help instead. This counseling is really just a technicality, however, because you may go ahead with your bankruptcy even if the credit counselor suggests other solutions.

Your credit counseling must be conducted by an agency that is licensed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee’s office, and you must complete the requirement in the 180 days prior to your filing. The agency will issue you a certificate of completion, which you must file with the bankruptcy court within 15 days following the filing of your bankruptcy petition.

There are a few exceptions to the credit counseling requirement, which may include physical or mental disabilities, active military service overseas, need for an emergency bankruptcy filing, and more. An attorney can tell you whether one of the exceptions applies to you or not.

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Bankruptcy helps over a million Americans get back on their feet every year. If you are considering filing for personal bankruptcy, you want to make sure all rules are followed and that all requirements are properly met to ensure your bankruptcy is successful. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer at the Ellett Law offices will make sure that you meet all the qualifications for bankruptcy so you receive the best results possible. If you are considering bankruptcy, call our office today at (602)235-9510 to set up a free consultation.



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