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Since 1993, Ellett Law Offices has provided thousands of clients with quality bankruptcy attorney representation. Bankruptcy law is complicated but you will be guided through the process by a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Since 1993, the Ellett Law Offices, P.C., has provided quality Chapter 13 bankruptcy representation for individuals in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas. It is our goal to give every client the opportunity for a fresh financial start through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this very complex area of law and you should have an experienced attorney on your side at every step of the process.

If you are considering a bankruptcy, contact an skilled Phoenix Chapter 13 lawyer immediately before your finances become more burdensome. Clients have relied on our skill in confirming Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans for over 18 years.

Debt Relief Through Consolidated Payments

Similar to a Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 often releases you from the obligation to pay back unsecured debt. This form of bankruptcy offers individuals with more assets, who do not qualify for a Chapter 7, the opportunity for a significant amount of debt relief by consolidating and discharging large amounts of debt. A court-approved repayment plan, or wage earner plan, is created as a means to repay debts through a series of consolidated payments. The amount is calculated by through a complex formula called a means test. At Ellett Law offices, our experienced professionals will maximize your means test deductions to keep your Chapter 13 payments as small as legally allowable.

Help From an Arizona and Scottsdale Mortgage Lawyer

A home foreclosure can be stopped through a Chapter 13 repayment plan that rehabilitates a loan during a three- to five-year reorganization plan. Mortgages can also be stripped and not paid in many instances using Chapter 13.. We understand how important this issue is for our clients and, if clients desire to keep their homes will do everything possible to help them do so. Alternatively, if clients wish to walk away from their homes, we know how to maximize the amount of time they can live in their homes for free under the law. For Chapter 13 cases, we help clients to obtain their goals so they can move forward free from the worries and burdens of unpayable debts.

To discuss a Chapter 13 bankruptcy issue with an experienced attorney who has successfully handled hundreds of chapter 13 cases, please call 602-235-9510 or send an e-mail. Initial consultations are offered free of charge and financing options can be made available for some cases. Click here to review a schedule of our fees.

We are pleased to inform you that we have been designated by federal law as a debt relief agency. We help people and businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.