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Since 1993, Ellett Law Offices has provided thousands of clients with quality bankruptcy attorney representation. Bankruptcy law is complicated but you will be guided through the process by a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Personal Bankruptcy

Bad things happen to good people and the need for personal bankruptcy can strike anyone. Since 1993, the Ellett Law Offices, P.C., has been helping clients to overcome personal financial obligations that have become too far-reaching. We understand the tough situation clients can face when dealing with personal debt and use our extensive experience in federal bankruptcy law to help clients in Phoenix and neighboring areas of Arizona.

Discover Personal Debt Relief Options

An experienced Phoenix personal bankruptcy lawyer can help you identify your legal options. Contact us to find out how our experienced representation can help you eliminate personal debt through bankruptcy. From years of experience, we know it can be a great comfort for a client just to identify a workable plan of legal action.

Often clients have concerns about wage garnishment and other forms of personal asset protection. We are skilled at protecting client assets, including wages, through bankruptcy and other forms of debt relief. In some extreme cases, we understand clients may have little or no assets to consider. For every client, we stand ready to lead the way to debt relief and provide the financial freedom to start a new life.

Every situation is different, but when personal debt becomes out of control, it is always our goal to uphold our client’s rights and provide the legal guidance needed to navigate through the legal process. Clients can attain debt relief through a Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, home loan modification or lien stripping. We have a well-earned reputation in the legal community for effective bankruptcy representation and can resolve any personal bankruptcy issue with confidence and ease.

Contact an Arizona and Scottsdale Individual Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you would like to discuss a personal bankruptcy issue and would like to meet with a skilled attorney, please call 602-235-9510 or send an e-mail. Initial consultations are offered free of charge and financing options can be made available for some cases. Click here to review a schedule of our fees.

We are pleased to inform you that we have been designated by federal law as a debt relief agency. We help people and businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.